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B2B Lead Generation Marketing 2021: 5 Best Tactics & Strategies Guide

Lead generation is the important marketing method that brings business development and sales opportunities for a business that looks forward to growing. It helps your business get leads continuously and you can make leads transfer into revenue via fluent sales, production, and service process.

The initial step is marketing, lead generation marketing is the marketing concept that helps businesses to get sales leads (the potential client’s contact info) to deal then service or selling products. Lead generation marketing also grows and accumulates your brand awareness, making your business get selling opportunities stable.

You may want to ask what is the best digital marketing method to get leads, and how to get leads efficiently. The first concept that you need to understand is the marketing funnel.

Tactics: lead generation marketing funnel

Best marketing channel of lead generation strategies for B2B business

You must know what’s the main channel that your target customers will show, and there are 5 recommended methods to build the lead sources.

1. Good keyword strategy for SEO

For B2B marketing, the customer usually uses Google Search for finding a product or solution that fits the business requirements of their company. Choosing the right keyword target will bring you the website visitors that have the intention of your products or services. You can use the following points to find the right keywords to target:

  • Essence: The material or the characteristic of your products/services.
  • Function: The function of your product/service that can resolve the paid point of your customers.
  • Application scenario: Where or when to use your products/services.
  • Business type: How does the market call your business? For example, retailer, agency, manufacture, supplier…etc.
  • Q&A: The in-depth knowledge of your products/services that makes the website visitors believe in your profession.

Search engine optimization will cost time [1], according to Google, you need at least 4 months to 1 year to get the result, but with the time invested, you can get website traffics cheaper and cheaper.

the impression and traffic growth of seo
*The organic impressions and traffics growth of a website which optimize the Google search ranking.

2. Appropriate digital ADs channel strategy

Besides Google Search, which is the information channel when potential clients need solutions that are related to your business? For example, it could be Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, media websites (such as Google Display Network) with domain information, and B2B platforms… etc.

Digital advertising is another way to receive leads, it’s also faster than SEO which needs several months to years to accumulate the effect (keyword ranking). But the cons as follows:

  • When you stop launching the ADs, you won’t get any impressions, traffics, and leads immediately. But if you stop doing SEO, the ranking won’t drop a lot or disappear the next day, it will take a period to drop slowly.
  • The biggest factor for CPC (cost per click) of ADs will be controlled by the ADs platform’s algorithm and your competitors’ bidding, despite it, you can still reduce the partial cost by optimizing the AD.

ADs will help your short-term demands on leads, please prepare the budget to test ADs launching and find the right ADs channel for your business.

3. Grow brand awareness via social media

It’s a marketing method that won’t bring inquiries immediately, but if you want to operate your brand awareness for the long term, it’s a good method to use social media, such as Twitter & LinkedIn which have tons of professional people who communicate with each.

Operating social media for B2B companies is not like B2C brands do, such as post the latest big campaign and promote the products with funny posts and pictures. The main purpose of social media operation for B2B companies is to raise brand awareness.

Many people choosing LinkedIn to operate their professional image, not only for a better job but a lot of global business opportunities also can be found on it. Please update the information well and keep posting fresh and professional content for both your brand’s profile and your profile.

There are many topics that you can share:

  • The trends for your industry, product, or technology.
  • The statistics reports made by your company that show the insight in-depth to your target audience.
  • The success case of your clients and the B&A that you bring to them.
  • The press release published on famous media helps empower your brand awareness.

Please do remember to share the topics both on your personal account and your company’s fan page but in different ways, here are the differences:

  • Personal Profile: Writing your opinion from a consultant’s or a business owner’s viewpoint and add more friends that are related to your industry. It will help you to establish the professional image that will bring you the potential leads by profile searching for required people or referral from your followers/friends on social media.
  • Your brand’s fan page: Officially post the topics that also mention the products/services of your company in the Call-to-Action part, please put some budget to promote the posts to grow the engages and followers day by day.

For your personal profile, you can also use Sales Navigator which is also the product of LinkedIn to find potential clients. It can help you do advanced filters to get accurate leads to contact.

4. Public relationships marketing makes your brand authoritative

If you want to buy something on the internet, which brand will you trust and order stuff on their website? I think you would choose the famous one. if it has testimonials from famous buyers on the website would be better. So how you find the brand is famous and recommended? You will find the report about this brand on online media, read testimonials from the buyers of this brand.

So let’s think about it, if you want to get inquiries from other countries on the internet, did you ever review your global public relation? You may think, “Wow it must cost a lot, I can’t afford it.”

Actually, you can cultivate your global public relationships with lower cost and long-term ways. But first, you must know which country is your target market, you won’t want to devote your budget to the country that has no potential client, the country which will have lots of opportunities is better for you. There are several ways to find potential countries. You can find buyer lists and send them emails to do business development, or you can find the opportunities from search volume (SEO method).

I recommend you two ways to do your global public relationship:

  • Publishing press releases on online media that related to the economy or your industry, you can set the topics from industrial innovation that you made, or the success of your client which is because of your technique or product.
  • Attending the academic or industrial conference and publish an essay in the journal or periodical: It sounds difficult, but you can attend it, again and again, to find out the key point that makes you publish your essay successfully.

5. Interact with your key buyers/users in the forum/social groups

Although you sell bulk products or develop technologies, you can still communicate with your potential buyer or end-users in the forum or social groups to explore the following opportunities :

  • Selling opportunities: Find your potential agency or bulk/retail buyer.
  • Market/product opportunities: New pain points of the buyer or end-users to inspire your product idea.
  • Brand awareness opportunities: Share your innovation technique, success stories, or answer the question on it.

Choose the best B2B lead generation agency

Now you know the tactics to start your first step of lead generation marketing, if you don’t have time to do it by yourself, you can also choose a good lead generation marketing agency to help you establish the channels for grabbing leads, here are some checkpoints that help you to filter a good lead generation agency that you can find the following information from their marketing proposals:

  • Online marketing research for the target country.
  • Integral marketing tactics that include in the marketing plan.
  • Success stories of their B2B clients.
  • Suggestions for lead management if you haven’t start lead management yet.
  • KPI & timeline, especially could be 1 year to 3 years.

With the first step starts, let’s look forward to your next success in the global business!


[1] What is a SEO expert|Google Search Central|Google Developers

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